Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry

Read on 09/09/14. The main character Echo has had a pretty rough life. She experienced something so traumatic that she totally blanked it out and the only evidence she has of that night is the scars she bears. Echo was told that her mother was unstable and attacked her but she doesn’t remember anything and nobody will tell her because she has to remember on her own. She’s given a new school counsellor who tries to help as best as she can. The counsellor puts her in touch with a boy named Noah who is trying to get custody of his two little brothers. Noah and Echo make an unlikely duo and plan on infiltrating the counsellor’s files to find out what information they have on them. Noah wants the address of his little brothers’ foster family and Echo wants to know what happened that night. They both become very close and end up helping each other in ways they didn’t expect. The story itself is quite a nasty one, there’s a few ups and downs and the ‘truth’ about what happened isn’t pleasant so if you’re sensitive to death/suicide/trauma story lines then I wouldn’t recommend it. I personally enjoyed it though.

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Read on 10/09/14. Main character and one of the POV’s Camryn is planning on moving in with her best friend so she can get away from her mother and feel like she’s doing something. The day before she moves in she’s dragged to a club by said best friend and encouraged to find a man to take home. Camryn gets friendly with a barman who takes her somewhere secluded to make a move only for them to be interrupted by her best friends boyfriend who then propositions her. When she tries to tell her BF what happened she doesn’t believe Camryn and they have a huge falling out resulting in her plans of moving in falling through. She boards a Greyhound bus going to a random location as far away as she can think (with the help of potatoes) to ‘find herself’. During the bus journey she befriends a guy named Andrew who is taking the long trip for his own reasons. They decide to join each other and end up having a bit of a road trip. I felt as though Camryn’s character was annoying because she says weird things that sound like they’re supposed to be poetic but come across as pretentious. I probably wont read the sequel.

Choosing You (Jade series) by Allie Everhart

Read on 11/09/14. Choosing You is the first book of the Jade series. It begins with a girl named Jade getting a scholarship to go to a posh school because she had a horrible childhood and her mother died when she was young. In her new school she meets a boy named Garret who she starts to become close with. She then discovers that Garret is the son of the wealthy man who gave her the scholarship and thinks he was only acting nice to her because he knows her past. After a bit of convincing they end up developing a close friendship until Garret is ordered to stay away from Jade by his father. Jade then discovers some secrets about her own family and I’m guessing the rest of the books will go into detail about the big secret and their relationship.

Too Far Series part of the Rosemary Beach Collection by Abbi Glines

Featuring Fallen Too Far (12/09/14), Never Too Far (12/09/14), Forever Too Far (12/09/14) and Rush Too Far (17/09/14). The first four books in the Rosemary Beach collection centre around Blaire and Rush. Blaire travels to Rosemary Beach to live with her awful father after her mothers death. When she arrives her dad isn’t even there, he’s away with his wife and she’s greeted by her new obnoxious step brother, Rush. He ends up letting her stay in a small room of his huge house until their parents return. She gets a job at the local Country Club to support herself. She becomes friends with people there and eventually Rush stops treating her badly. They grow closer and through the books there’s a definite relationship developing but a hell of a lot of obstacles come in the way, including some messed up family secrets. The fourth book is really just the first book from Rush’s perspective. There is a lot of drama in this series, so If you’re not into dramatic storylines filled with teen angst and whiny rich girls then maybe avoid these. 


Exposure (East Park Series) by Iris Blaire

Read on 06/09/14. Evan is a glamour model for her photographer friend Britain’s University magazine, East Park Exposed. When modelling she uses her alternate persona, Rylan Willow, so that she isn’t recognised at her classes in University. Working for the magazine means she’s been able to pay all her tuition fees and can focus on her degree. Britain decides the magazine needs to appeal to a wider audience so she holds auditions for a male model. Dallas turns up, pushed into it by his girlfriend who wants him to be earning money for their future. Dallas is a student professor in one of Evan’s classes and unfortunately for her, the lines between Evan and Rylan are going to become blurred when they start working together. This was a short and fun read, considering the content of the story it wasn’t over the top or too sleazy but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are easily offended by nudity/sex.

Good Girls Don’t Series by Gennifer Albin

Catching Liam (06/09/14), Teaching Roman (27/09/14) and Unwrapping Liam (27/09/14). Catching Liam is about a girl called Jillian with an illness and a beautiful Scottish hunk called Liam. The book pretty much starts with Jillian waking up from a one night stand with Liam and him trying to make her waffles for breakfast. Her two close friends Jess and Cassie try to encourage her to hold on her Liam, but Jillian’s mother Tara has always led her to believe she is broken and nobody would want her with the illness she has. So, she catches boys for one night then lets them go and moves on. Except Liam isn’t going anywhere. This book was totally sweet. The characters had depth and dealing with a main character with such a serious illness, which not only affected her physically but also mentally was refreshing, considering it’s not one that is usually explored in younger people. Unwrapping Liam was a little novella about Christmas time. Teaching Roman is about Jess, the studious one. After she declines Brett’s proposal and heads home Cassie comes over and tells her about walking in on her boyfriend (yes, the one she had the tattoo for) in bed with another person. Cassie convinces Jess to come to Mexico with her to get away from everything and in the airport she bumps into her old Communications professor Roman (yes, the same one from book 1.) Something sparks between them in Mexico, and when they go back home they try to end things but their feelings are too strong. This was a fun series to read, and they’re very short books. I read Teaching Roman on the 2-and-a-bit hour plane journey home from Spain.

Stay With Me & Go With Me (With Me Series) by Elyssa Patrick

Book 1 read on 08/09/14. Famous child star Hailey Bloom moves to the middle of nowhere to go to University. She needed to get away from it all, her attention seeking and hateful mother, and her ex best friend who became addicted to drugs and most importantly the media and tabloids. She tries doing the ‘normal’ student thing, going to parties etc but wherever she goes she seems to be noticed. Until one night someone helps to hide her away and treats her like a normal person. His name is Caleb Fox and he’s incredibly nice to her. Hailey becomes close with Caleb, his sister Daphne, and his friends and is taken in by his family including his little sisters who adore her. Everything is going great until her mother comes back onto the scene, releasing stories to the media for money and threatening to ruin Hailey’s life with her biggest secret. A decent story and the first in a series which I will probably get around to reading more of. Book 2 (read on 08/10/14) is about Daphne. It’s set around New Years, where she kisses Nick Fucking Brady. She’s also having to deal with survivors guilt from the car accident that killed her boyfriend Branden, her best friend Gina and Gina’s boyfriend Logan 14 months before the events in the book. She has to accept that she lived and they didn’t so she can stop feeling guilty and allow herself to fall in love, or accept the fact that she already has. With Nick, and boy are they cute.

An Endless Summer & That One Summer by C.J. Duggan

Parts of the Summer series which began with The Boys of Summer. Read on 09/09/14 and 10/09/14. I bought these books because I enjoyed the first in the series and then realised I actually liked the books from this author. AES and TOS are books 2 and 3, soon to be followed by a fourth book called Forever Summer and three novellas about Stan, Max and Ringer. AES follows the story of Sean and Amy. Amy is Chris and Adam’s cousin and the only daughter of the owner of the Onslow Hotel. She’s sent away to boarding school at 16 after a drunk swimming accident (where Sean saves her life) and returns to her fathers hotel three years later to find it in a state of disrepair. Now that her father has moved back into the city the Onslow has gone downhill and is literally falling apart. Amy takes it upon herself to fix the place up to its former glory with the help of some of the Onslow boys including gorgeous and helpful Sean. Book 3 TOS is about Chris (Adam’s brother and Amy’s cousin) and Amy’s close friend Tammy. The Onslow boys always go away for New Years for some manly camping but this year the girls are coming too, and Tammy has to share the ride up with quiet and brooding Chris. A lot of the book is the van ride up there, where we see their relationship develop and its pretty adorable. There’s a lot of chemistry between these characters, the other main characters are still actively mentioned, and I really like that it’s set in Australia. I’ll definitely be reading the rest of the books in this series.


My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Read on 03/09/14. Samantha Reed lives in her perfect house with her perfect mother and sister. One day she gets new neighbours, The Garretts, who are far from her mothers ideas of perfect. Samantha is told to stay away from the rowdy, loud and numerous Garretts and for a few years she does. But she watches them from the ledge outside her bedroom window. When she’s up there one night she’s joined by Jace Garrett, who she’s never spoken to but she’s watched him for years. When she gets to know him she falls for him but has to keep their relationship a secret from her snobby and controlling mother. Some parts of the story I liked - other parts not so much. A few of the characters are annoying but overall I liked them. There’s a  bit of a twist in the book which wasn’t overly predictable but still enjoyable (well, to a degree) and it made the story a little different.

Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys by Katie Brian

Read on 04/09/14. Megan doesn’t want to move to South Korea with her parents so she insists on staying in America to finish highschool. Her parents agree as she only has 2 years left and she is send to stay with the McGowan’s and their 7 sons. If it isn’t hard enough living with a new family in a different town and school, the McGowan boys around her age are stunningly attractive (similar vibes as MLWTWB.) Megan likes two of the brothers and is torn about which one she cares about the most. The ending was okay, but I felt that it left things a bit open. She could write a sequel to conclude the story without it feeling like she was disrupting a happy ending.

Pieces of Me and All In by Ann Garner

Read on 05/09/14 and 07/09/14. Two books in the Cedar Mountain University series. Book 1 is about Delaney and Cole. Delaney moves across the country to go to University, far away from her parents and her past. Her roommate Grace is fun and outgoing and convinces her to come out with her brothers and her boyfriend, Grant. Delaney meets Grace’s older brother Cole and as the story progresses her past comes to light…and its really not a pretty one. Book 2 is all about Grace and…not Grant. The tosser. This book is about Jacob. If you thought Grant was sweet in the last book take it back, he’s a turd. In the second instalment we get to see Delaney and Cole’s relationship progress and also how she’s dealing with the trauma of her past. We see a different side to the fun-loving Grace and she finally meets someone perfect for her. This series had some very dark undertones but also had likeable characters and a decent plot.

In This Moment by Autumn Doughton

Read on 05/09/14. Another book featuring a female protagonist with a dark past. Aimee moves away from her family for university, as she’s walking on campus one day she literally falls straight into the lap of a hot guy named Cole. She has a traumatic past, she lost her best friend one night in a drink-driving incident she also almost didn’t survive. She carries it with her always. As the story goes on she tries to come to terms with the past as she moves on with the help of Cole. I think troubled YA protagonists must be a very common theme in this genre as a lot of the books I’ve read have featured an emotionally/mentally vulnerable female as the lead, usually accompanied by a sweet, comforting and misunderstood male. Either way, the story had a decent plot and likeable characters. 

August/September books!V is for VirginA is for AbstinenceRuleJetScoring WilderFix YouThe Distance Between UsMy Life with the Walter BoysFix You: Bash and Olivia books 1, 2 & 3On The Fence

August/September books!
V is for Virgin
A is for Abstinence
Scoring Wilder
Fix You
The Distance Between Us
My Life with the Walter Boys
Fix You: Bash and Olivia books 1, 2 & 3
On The Fence


The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

Read on 02/09/14. Caymen and her mother live in a tiny apartment above the porcelain doll shop her mother owns. Caymen doesn’t really like the dolls - in fact she thinks they’re incredibly creepy - but she helps out at the shop as much as she can before/after school and on the weekends. She knows the shop doesn’t make a lot of money and they’re on the verge of being in some serious trouble but they’ve always been close to broke. One day she meets beautiful and filthy rich Xander when he comes waltzing in to purchase said creepy porcelain doll for a family member. They’re both very different people, one of the main differences is their backgrounds, but something is pulling them together. She doesn’t want to like him because she thinks rich people are snobby and look down on the poorer people but Xander’s behaviour doesn’t fit with what her mother taught her about rich people. It’s a nice story with a few small twists and a lot of likeable characters (which aren’t fully explored.)

My Life With the Walter Boys by Ali Novak

Read on 02/09/14. Sixteen year old Jackie tragically loses her parents and sister in a car accident and is taken in by a family friend, Katherine, and her family. What Jackie doesn’t know is that Katherine and her husband have twelve boys (technically 11 and 1 tomboy), and the ones around her age are gorgeous. They pull a lot of pranks on her and some can’t seem to stand having her live there, as they’re not used to having a female in the house. She wins a few of the boys over with her friendly personality and skills in organisation, and two of the brothers become more than friends with her. I read this book before Megan Meade’s Guide to the McGowan Boys and I can say there are definite similarities between the two books but there are enough differences to enjoy them both separately.

Fix You: Bash and Olivia books 1, 2 & 3

Read on 02/09/14. These books are really short and are the first three books in the McDaniels Brothers series featuring Olivia and Sebastian “Bash” McDaniels. The first night they meet Bash saves Olivia from the hands of her angry and violent boyfriend Adam, who then buggers off on holiday. Bash loses his job at the bar for attacking a customer and Olivia blames herself. She tries to talk to him to apologise for this predicament and realises she’s finding reasons to spend time with him. He wants her to leave Adam because he’s abusive and the relationship is unhealthy and Olivia agrees. Because Bash is a boxer she asks him to give her self defence lessons so she can protect herself if Adam ever lashes out again. During their lessons they become closer and eventually stop fighting their feelings for each other and sleep together. Adam gets back from his vacation and wont accept his relationship is over with Olivia and causes a lot of trouble for them both. As I mentioned, the books are very short and it only took a couple of hours to read all three.

On The Fence by Kasie West

Read on 03/09/14. Set in the same universe as The Distance Between Us. Tomboy Charlie was raised by her single cop-dad and grew up playing football (soccer) and fighting with three older brothers, and Braden, the boy next door, who is her honourary fourth brother. Charlie is made to find a job to pay off yet another speed ticket that she can’t use her fathers name to get out of. She starts working at a very feminine boutique and is introduced to lots of girly things, including make-up which she has never worn. She feels conflicted, having only known the things she’s grown up with, and not really having any female friends. She starts to talk to Braden at night through the fence separating their back yards. She realises she has feelings for him but doesn’t know how to act on them because the Braden she talks to at night is like a separate person to the boy she has always known and she’s falling hard for him. I actually really enjoyed this story, I liked Charlie’s personality and her father was very sweet. 


So, I’ve read 54 books since my last post and It might take me a little while to catch up. I keep my goodreads updated regularly, so if you’re interested in what I’m reading/what I’ve read you can have a peek here.


I can’t keep up with how many books I’m reading!

V is for Virgin and A is for Abstinence by Kelly Oram

Read on 29/08/14 and 30/08/14. I bought and read these books totally on a whim, the stories sounded interesting and the whole ‘saving yourself for marriage’ thing seemed a bit different. A bit of background for you, Val is the main character in this book and its from her POV. She was adopted when she was a baby because her mother got pregnant from a one-night-stand. She cared about Val but knew she couldn’t raise her so she gave her to a family that could and left her with a letter and a necklace. Now Val is older she understands what her birth mother went through and is determined to never let the same thing happen to her. One night her boyfriend tries to sleep with her and she tells him no, says she’s saving herself for marriage. They break up, he gets with a ‘slutty’ girl and she tries to embarrass Val in front of the entire school. Val sticks up for herself and ends up on a video that goes viral. It ends up attracting a lot of attention, including that of a cute lead singer called Kyle who wants nothing more than to prove to Val she’s missing out. The second book is from Kyle’s perspective and is set 4 years after the first book. It follows Kyle as he tries to show Val he doesn’t just want to sleep with her. It was definitely an interesting read.

Marked Men Series by Jay Crownover

Featuring Rule (31/08/14), Jet (31/08/14), Rome (04/09/14), Nash (11/09/14) and soon to be featuring Rowdy and Asa. Again, I totally bought these on a whim and then got hooked by the drama. And boy, is there drama. The first book is about a girl named Shaw who is training to be a doctor (which is funny because that’s my doctor’s surname) and a man named Rule who works in a tattoo studio. Shaw’s best friend was Rule’s identical twin brother Remy who died in a car accident years ago. Shaw has feelings for Rule and always goes out of her way for him, including picking him up every Sunday morning to take him to dinner with his family, even if that means having to encounter every one-night-stand he happens to have in his bed that morning. She never asks him for anything…until her birthday. Things change between them and if that isn’t enough Shaw’s ex is a psycho who wont take no for an answer. The second book Jet is about Jet (duh) and Ayden who were both in Rule. Jet is a lead singer in a band and Ayden is a southern girl with a patchy past who happens to be Shaw’s good friend and room mate. Ayden’s brother Asa is bad news and she thought she left all that behind her, but she was wrong and shit is definitely hitting the fan. Also featuring Jet’s crazy father. Book 3: Rome is about Rule’s eldest brother Rome and Cora, the piercer from Uncle Phil’s tattoo studio. Rome is dealing with the revelations from Rule and also suffers from his military trauma. I definitely wouldn’t have put them two together but eh, it works and they’re adorable. The last book that’s out is Nash, which is about Saint and Nash and deals with a lot of the heavy stuff that came out in Rome. Nash also works in the studio and Saint is a nurse in the hospital, hence her being in Rome. You can already tell Jay Crownover is lining up her next duo’s with Rowdy and Salem and what I’m going to guess is Asa and Royal. Also, I’ve never heard such random and weird names in any books ever but hey, whatever works for you, right? These books were all pretty short, fun and easy to follow. 

Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey

Read on 01/09/14. The cover was cheesy and so was the name, I thought eh, why not? The story is about Kinsley, a female soccer (uh, I hate that word) player who happens to be awesome. She’s made it onto a team with an awesome reputation because of the coach and she’s aiming to get onto the Olympic team. This year there’s another coach joining the ranks and it’s none other than the hunky soccer star Liam Wilder. Kinsley is dealing with a horrible, fame-hungry team member and a forbidden infatuation at the same time. Quite a lot happens and there’s a bit of miscommunication (as always) but when it comes down to it Liam and Kinsley are pretty adorable together. A quick and fun read.

Fix You by Mari Carr

Read on 02/09/14. I didn’t know what to expect with this one, but I wasn’t disappointed. Zoey and Rob have been friends for years and she’s cared about him for a long time. She never had the guts to tell him how she feels but after discovering she has cancer she knows she has to come clean. What she doesn’t know is Rob feels the same way about her. They stick together through the good and the bad, and they both make sacrifices for each other. Zoey has doubts whether things are real between them or if it’s only because she’s ill that he cares. The characters are in their 30’s so its not an age group I read about often, but the flashbacks were nice and helped to give background to the characters. It was a pretty short read.


The fear that 1.5 million British children will reach the age of 11 unable to “read well” by 2025 has prompted the launch of a new literacy campaign. 
JK Rowling and Michael Morpurgo and many others are backing the Read On. Get On campaign, aimed at radically improving reading standards. 
One report says England is one of the most unequal countries for children’s reading levels, second in the EU only to Romania. Research has found that poor reading could cost the UK £32bn in growth by 2025. Full story here »


The fear that 1.5 million British children will reach the age of 11 unable to “read well” by 2025 has prompted the launch of a new literacy campaign

JK Rowling and Michael Morpurgo and many others are backing the Read On. Get On campaign, aimed at radically improving reading standards. 

One report says England is one of the most unequal countries for children’s reading levels, second in the EU only to Romania. Research has found that poor reading could cost the UK £32bn in growth by 2025. Full story here »

(Source: theguardian.com)


Yes! A new Tumblr thingy!


Yes! A new Tumblr thingy!


The Vincent Boys & The Vincent Brothers

Read on 28/08/14. The first book is about a girl called Ash who grew up with Beau and Sawyer Vincent, two cousins who couldn’t be any more different if they tried. Beau lives in a trailer park and his mother is seen as white trash, he’s a trouble maker and he has a reputation with the ladies. Sawyer comes from a wealthy family, has a sparkling reputation and is careful with every choice he makes. When Ash was younger it was always her and Beau making trouble and Sawyer sorting out the mess. It all changed when Ash and Sawyer started going out when they were 14 and she stopped speaking to Beau. Flash forward three years and Ash and Beau spend the summer together realising that the feelings they pushed away never really went away and Ash has some serious decisions to make about which Vincent boy is right for her.

The second book is all about Lana, Ash’s cousin who was in the first book, and Sawyer Vincent. Of course Ash picked Beau in book one so this only makes sense. Lana and Sawyer have a connection but it’s difficult for Lana to trust that Sawyer wants her for the right reasons, and not just to make Ash jealous. The story is sweet, the epilogue is a nice ending to the series too, but apparently there’s another book? Not really sure how but eh.

Losing It

Read on 28/08/14. I’d read a few mixed reviews about this one, something to do with teachers and students that people find repulsive (understandably so) but when the student and the teacher are both in their early 20’s then it’s not the same. The main character is Bliss, she’s awkward and funny, she’s going theatre in Uni and she’s still a virgin. Her friend Kelsey forces her to go out to meet someone she can lose her virginity to and she meets Garrick, a British, motorcycle riding, Shakespeare reading cutie who she brings home. She gets too nervous and ends up leaving him in bed and running out of her own apartment claiming she has to pick her cat up. Awkward doesn’t even cover it. The next morning she’s in class and guess who the new teacher is. Yes, its Garrick. It leads to some sticky situations. Honestly I found her personality hilarious. Her inner monologue was great. A fun quick read.


Read on 29/08/14. The way the author approaches the subject of rape is admirable. I don’t want to talk about the plot too much but I’ll just note the basics. The main character is Jacqueline, definitely not Jackie, she follows her long term boyfriend Kennedy to Uni but after a few weeks he breaks up with her. She’s left questioning herself and feeling alone after the break up and one night on the way home from a Halloween frat party she’s attacked by one of her ex’s friends. He’s stopped by a helpful stranger with a lip ring. Not long after that she decides to go back to one of the classes she stopped attending after Kennedy dumped her and the mysterious stranger is in her class. A lot happens. She is still hugely affected by the attack and it’s harder when the guy who attacked you spreads rumours people easily believe. This book made me so angry in some parts, but happy in others. It’s a weird one but I’m glad I read it.

Ugly Love

Read on 29/08/14. This book is sad. So sad. Tate & Miles decide to get into a sex-only relationship-type agreement, no love, no asking about the past, no expecting a future. Of course things go balls up. Of course people get hurt. The writing style was really beautiful. The parts from Miles’ past were heartbreaking to read, and the ending was expected but still sweet. A very touchy subject but dealt with quite well.

More books I read this August
Endless Summer by Jennifer EcholsOpposition by Jennifer L. ArmentroutThe Boys of Summer by C.J. DugganShut Out by Kody KeplingerCrush by Lacey WeatherfordObsession by Jennifer L. ArmentroutBeautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuireThe Vincent Boys by Abbi GlinesThe Vincent Brothers by Abbi GlinesLosing It by Cora CarmackEasy by Tammara WebberUgly Love by Colleen Hoover

More books I read this August

Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols
Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout
The Boys of Summer by C.J. Duggan
Shut Out by Kody Keplinger
Crush by Lacey Weatherford
Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines
The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
Losing It by Cora Carmack
Easy by Tammara Webber
Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


I honestly don’t know how I’m powering through all these books, maybe because they don’t have hugely complicated plots or maybe because they’re purely non-supernatural stories about relationships but holy hell I’ve read a lot of YA & NA this month:

Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

Read on 25/08/14. The version I bought on the Kindle store said it was the 2-stories-in-1, The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer which follows the story of tomboy Lori and her friendship with the boys who live next door: Cameron, Sean and Adam. Lori is adamant to catch Sean’s attention this summer, she believes they should be together because she’s always had a soft spot for him, no matter how much of a dick he is with her. Probably something to do with what she believe her mother told her when she was young. Anyway, the first book in this combined edition was all about Lori using Adam to get Sean’s attention but then realising it was Adam she liked all along. Then the second book follows on directly, the very next scene, after the first book and it’s all about Lori and Adam trying to convince their parents to let them see each other and not send Adam to military school. I found their relationship quite annoying between all the sweet parts, there was little to no communication about what they wanted and I guess I thought the whole lying and scheming was pretty immature. Other than that it was a nice and quick read. Ideal for a holiday.

The Boys of Summer by C.J. Duggan

Read on 26/08/14. This was a free book on the Kindle store! So, apparently it’s the first book in the Summer series by Duggan which is at least 4 books long. The main character is a girl named Tess, who is planning on spending her summer with her two best friends Adam and Ellie. After an unfortunate event Tess and Ellie are left working the summer break away at the Onslow Hotel owned by Adams family, where they meet a group of older guys they nickname the ‘Onslow Boys’. The book is basically about Tess and Ellie’s crushes on the boys, how they spend their summer, how friendships can be damaged and repaired and how older guys are hot. Also, every time I read this book title I had the song stuck in my head which was pretty annoying. Perfect quick summer read.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Read on 26/08/14. Another book by Keplinger I can say I actually loved. One thing I think I’ll never get tired about with this author is her attitude to sex and how people view sex differently. This book is a good example, the main character Liss decides that she’s fed up of being put last in her boyfriend Randy’s list of priorities. When it comes to his stupid American football and soccer feud he’ll cancel plans they had just to get even, and often doesn’t respect her or her opinion. She decides the only way to get him to end the stupid feud between both teams is to abstain from having sex with him until he stops the war. She manages to convince the girlfriends of both teams to go along with it and its not long before they notice a huge change. Not all of it’s good. She’s also starting to get attention from a cutie called Cash who makes her realise things can be different. I’m just going to say that I loved the whole girls-uniting-against-a-common-cause thing, and I think it would be nice to see that in more YA/NA/contemporary books.

Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Read on 26/08/14. Another free book on the Kindle store! I have to admit I guessed the ‘big twist’ pretty early on in the book so I was just waiting for it to be confirmed. Pretty decent plot though, not amazing. Told from the perspectives of Cami and Hunter as they get involved in a relationship that seems doomed from the start. I won’t put much to spoil the plot but if you can’t see what’s coming then you must be blind to huge hints and clues. I’m just going to leave it like that.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Disaster? I agree. Read on 27/08/14. I don’t even know where to begin with this book. Confused? yes. Frustrated? yes. Annoyed? yes. How has this book got so many good reviews? I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with so much of a fucked up relationship in. The main character is a girl named Abbey who becomes friends with, and eventually falls for, this badboy called Travis. Travis is angry a lot, he breaks things and sleeps around hurting peoples feelings. Suddenly, after meeting Abbey he wants to change his life, be better etc. but I guess that all goes balls up. Abbey and Travis’ ‘relationship’ is not healthy, it’s not sexy and it’s definitely not something I wanted to read about. He’s obsessive and possessive and I don’t know why people are swooning all over this fictional couple. It’s weird. It’s also the third 2 star rating I’ve ever given. At least it was only £1.49!


The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Lux series consists of five books, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin and Opposition, and theres a spin-off Adult book about the Arum called Obsession. I think the author has a thing for words that begin with ‘O’ and hot alien dudes.

  • Obsidian read on 18/08/14
  • Onyx read on 19/08/14
  • Opal read on 20/08/14
  • Origin read on 21/08/14
  • Opposition read on 25/08/14
  • Obsession read on 27/08/14

I actually quite liked this series. I was totally put off for ages because they’re aliens and I always thought books about extra terrestrials would be cheesy and annoying, but I also thought the same thing about faeries and I gave The Iron Fey a go and didn’t hate it, I guessed I didn’t have much to lose. The plot to these books was simple to follow, it had a few twists and turns which kept things interesting and the romance wasn’t over powering. Kat and Daemon made a cute couple. I honestly thought they were going to pull some Allegiant crap at the end of Opposition but thank the gods they didn’t. Obsession is set pretty much half way through the Lux series and it’s all about Hunter, an Arum, and Serena, a human, as they’re thrown together after her best friend is murdered by a Luxen. If you liked Daemon then you’ll probably like Hunter, jus’ sayin’. Overall, I’m glad I read the series as it was different to what I would normally read and it was a pretty decent story.

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